About us

About Us

What is a Primary Care Network?

A Primary Care Network (PCN) is a group of local GP practices, working together in order to focus shared resources to help meet patients’ needs more efficiently. Since the creation of PCN’s in 2019, around 99% of practices in England are now work of one.

With the ever-increasing demand, challenging workforce issues to meet this, and an increasing population, clinical staff working together within a Primary Care Network are now able to provide a wider spectrum of more personalised care for patients.

For more information on PCN’s please watch the short animation from NHS England.

Take a look at this short animation from NHS England which explains how they work.

Meet Our Team

The A1 PCN Team is made up of professionals from across the Primary Care spectrum, including Heath & Well-Being Coaches, Social Prescribers, Care Co-Ordinators and Physiotherapists.

Management Team

Dr Nathalie Rodriguez McCullough
Clinical Director

Dan Markovic
Primary Care Network Manager

Amanda Whitlock
Primary Care Network Support Manager

Overview of the Primary Care Network team

The Video below gives an overview of what most of our healthcare professionals do within the Practices. To watch the video simply click on the play button on screen.

Care Coordinators

A Care Coordinator, or Patient Care Coordinator works with both patients and healthcare professionals to ensure seamless, organised and effective care.

Katie Paul

Alison Toulson

Rachael Skelly

Matthew Carey

Community Parademic

A community paramedic is a registered healthcare professional working autonomously. They provide home visits for patients, as requested by the Practices.

Alison Nicholson

Health & Wellbeing Coach

Health and wellbeing coaches educate and inform people about health/wellbeing issues. They may use health coaching skills to support people with self-identifying existing issues and encourages proactive prevention of new and existing illnesses. They may provide access to self-management education, peer support and social prescribing.

Naomi Gollins

Social Prescribers

A social prescriber is a link worker who empowers people to take control of their health and wellbeing through giving time, focusing on what matters to me and taking a holistic approach. They work to connect people to community groups and services for practical and emotional support.

Lucy Seal

Joanne Jamieson

Joanne Greenslade

Sallie Cochrane

First Contact Physiotherapists

A First Contact Physiotherapist works with patients to help them manage pain, balance and mobility, and developing tailored programs specific to their needs, designed to restore as much as possible their functional ability and movement.

Simon Margot

First Contact Physiotherapist

Tracey Lewis

First Contact Physiotherapist

Clinical Pharmacists

Clinical Pharmacists work as an integrated part of the Practice Team, dealing with patient queries, adjusting medication as indicated by a GP or Hospital Consultant. They also undertake medication reviews and audits.

Stephen Essiaw (Patrick)

Irina Karmokar

Ginny Turner-Flynn

Ayla Abdullah

Pasar Aziz

Pharmacy Technicians

A Pharmacy Technician is a health care provider who performs pharmacy-related functions, working together with a licensed pharmacist. They also perform administrative duties in a pharmaceutical practice, such as reviewing prescription requests with medical practices and insurance companies to ensure correct medications are provided.

Mel Page

Kim Pitman